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(…) Just be, and live 1


I fancy the domestic environment as a space of leisure, work, dinner-parties, comfort, contemplation : often home is were I feel most inspired, were I wake up for new ideas - wondering around - I search new ways of life, restlessness, day dreams.

Domestic space is crowded with stories, objects recall special occasions, nostalgic states of mind which inspired me before - things are sparkling with sounds - music being the stronguest  reminder. It’s an essential space, and it’s meaning can’t be taken for granted.

Daily home-life experience, in a private space, is full of hybrid signs, denying restrictive aspects of social life, concerning our attitude towards objects.

I am developing a conceptual search aiming to consolidate my own creative process, on product design. For this purpose, I create context laboratories, personal ‘stocks of knowledge’ - little inspiriting labs that evidence new creative possibilities.

So, I propose the conception of ‘installations’ or ‘open windows’ illustrating contemporary material and visual culture, with the aim to characterise and isolate significant contexts, behaviours, and daily-life moments in domestic space, proposing the intellectual legitimacy of new concepts.

“To work with a plan that is pre-set is one way of avoiding subjectivity. It also obviates the necessity of designing each work in turn. The plan would design the work. Some plans would require millions of variations, and some a limited number, but both are finite. Other plans imply infinity. In each case however, the artist would select the basic form and rules that would govern the solution of the problem. After that the fewer decisions made in the course of completing the work, the better. This eliminates the arbitrary, the capricious, and the subjective as mush as possible. That is the reason for using this method. (...) This arrangement becomes the end while the form becomes the means.” 2

”Successful ideas generally have the appearance of simplicity because they seem inevitable”. 2

1 Piero Manzoni, Free dimension, Galerie Azimut, Milan 1960.

2 Sol LeWitt, ‘Paragraphs on Conceptual Art’ in Art Forum, vol.5, no.10, Summer 1967, pp.79-83.