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Rita Almeida Filipe, Lisbon, Portugal. Graduated as tri-dimensional designer at Escola Superior de Belas Artes of Lisbon, 1991. Master in Product Design at the Architectural Faculty of Lisbon with the subject "Traditional Objects Transposition to Contemporaneity", 2007. PhD on Product Design by FAUL with the subject “Vista Alegre, to transpose form and prolong use”, 2016. Works as free-lancer since 1990 on Product Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design and Urban Design at her own studio in Lisbon. Assistant at the Design Department of Faculdade de Arquitectura of Lisbon (since 1996/1997), and at the MA on Urban Design at Centro Português de Design (1999/2000). Professor on Design Departament at Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University (since 2016). Exclusive Editor of Design Caderns at the portuguese magasine "Arquitectura e Vida" (feb.2000 until nov.2006). Several 1st prizes on national competitions, mainly on Urban Furniture. Her work as been presented on several design exibhitions in Portugal and abroad, namely Lisbon, O'Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlim, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Milan, S Francisco and Saint-Louis du Senegal. Represented in MUDE - Museum of Design of Lisbon, Francisco Capelo collection.



"Traditional Objects Transposition to Contemporaneity" Thesis on Product Design at Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University, 2007.

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A publication about the theory research and empiric experimentation is under construction.

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